12 May – 14 May 2024  |  Brussels, Belgium

The Raw Materials Summit is a platform for industry leaders, educators, and innovative new talents to share their vision for a sustainable raw materials future. This year`s 6th edition of the Raw Materials Summit underscores raw materials’ vital role in ensuring EU energy security and a clean energy transition to drive innovation and collaboration for a more sustainable and resilient raw materials sector.

Materials Summit will feature topics such as:

  • Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) and its impact.
  • Raw Materials Academy and our future workforce.
  • Changes to supply, demand, and the latest trade policies.
  • Electrification through renewables – and nuclear.
  • Heightening mineral security for defense & space.
  • Three nations present minerals investment plans.
  • Looking beyond the EU’s existing strategic ties.
  • Responsible sourcing for the automotive sector.
  • The steel industry’s race to net zero.
  • Reputation management and mineral transparency.

Dr. Julie Hollis, an ETP SMR ExCom member and Secretary-General of EuroGeoSurveys, will be presenting at the session titled “Addressing Energy Storage and Conversion Realities” on May 15, from 14:45 to 15:30.

The session advocates for a comprehensive approach, that fuses increased supply with pioneering technologies, like iron-air batteries and game-changing alternative solar cells, and alternative energy sources, such as natural hydrogen and geothermal, ensuring an agile response to escalating demand while fortifying energy security. Participants will gain exclusive insights into ERMA’s ground-breaking second Action Plan on Energy Storage and Conversion, unravelling transformative shifts in the supply-demand equation. Find out more information about the session here.

Explore the detailed agenda here. Register now to secure your spot here.


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