The European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP SMR) Mission is to develop long-term European Minerals Industries Research and Innovation agendas and roadmaps for action at EU and national level.

The ETP SMR Members act as think-thank to EU affairs concerning the Mineral Resources Industries. The ETP SMR Members are all stakeholders across the raw-material value chain, overcoming the traditional fragmentation of the mineral resources sector.

The ETP SMR Vision is to modernise and reshaping the European Minerals Industries, fundamental pillar of the European economy.

These include coal, metal ores, industrial minerals, ornamental stones, aggregates, smelters as well as technology suppliers and engineering companies. The ETP SMR aims at achieving societal, environmental and economic benefits, as well as strengthening the European Research and Technical (or technological) Development.

In particular, ETP SMR VISION is:

  • Reshape a ‘traditional‘ resource-driven industry to a knowledge-driven industry;
  • Foster new and better jobs, particularly at SME level and in the new Member States;
  • Supply and secure the mineral resources needed by the EU economy, while minimising the related environmental footprint (decoupling);
  • Strengthen world leadership and competitiveness in minerals sector technology;
  • Add value for customers and society;