On September 3, 2024, the closure conference of the EU research project GREENPEG will take place on the premises of the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU). GREENPEG developed and perfected exploration technologies and tool kits for the exploration of LCT / NYF pegmatites. They are important deposits for a number of SRMs and CRMs. LCT pegmatites are the main resource for hardrock lithium in the world. Mining is currently concentrated in Australia, with extensive exploration underway mainly in Canada and Southern Africa.

NYF pegmatites are primarily a carrier rock for high purity quartz used in the manufacture of semiconductors, solar cells and fibre optics. Europe also has the potential of both pegmatites for its extraction as a contribution to a substantial diversification of its supply chains.

The program of the one-day conference will focus on the following topics: Norway and the European Union resource partnerships, EU industry policy making and raw materials sourcing policy towards a world in change, Raw materials for system relevant industries and EU Strategic Partnerships in the Raw Materials Sector. More than this GREENPEG invites everybody for B2B talks on cooperation in R&D in the raw materials ecosystem and implementation of the GREENPEG findings.

Bridging the GREENPEG conference with the ETP SMR General Assembly the organiser offers on September 4, 2024 to join the GREENPEG full day excursion to the historic Røros mining town including a visit of the mining museum and Olav’s mine.

The number of places is limited. Please contact for any further information and indication of joining the conference / excurse by mailing to [email protected].

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