The conference on the exploration and exploitation of critical raw materials, titled “CRM for a Sustainable Future”, will take place in Tallinn, Estonia on 7-9 October 2024 and online. The event is co-organised by EGT, GTK, GEUS, BGS, University of Oulu within the EGT-TWINN project and funded through the Horizon Europe program.

Geographically focusing on Northern Europe and the Baltic states, the conference will delve into various aspects of the critical raw material value chain. The theme encompasses geology, new exploration techniques, and environmental, social, and governance considerations on CRM. All the topics are split into 5 sessions that will be discussed throughout 2 days:

  • Session 1: CRM exploration and exploitation in Northern Europe, and how this can support the development of basement exploration in the Baltic States
  • Session 2: CRM exploration and exploitation in sedimentary basins (including phosphates)
  • Session 3: New exploration techniques for CRM
  • Session 4: CRM processing and valorisation
  • Session 5: Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects of CRM

Furthermore, on the third day, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to visit the Estonian Geological Survey’s core archive. Here, participants can observe sedimentary phosphate deposits alongside Estonia’s crystalline basement.

Check out the detailed agenda here.

Registration is now open and can be completed here.

Kindly note, that the number of physical participants is limited. Additionally, if you intend to join the conference in person, abstract submissions are welcome until 15 August 2024, with the possibility of presenting them orally during the event.

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