Boliden’s value chain

Boliden is a metals company with focus on sustainable development. Our roots are Nordic, but our business is global. The company’s core competence is within the fields of exploration, mining, smelting and metals recycling.

Finding it

Successful exploration is vital to long-term mining operations and metal production. The primary focus of Boliden’s exploration is on zinc, copper and precious metal-bearing ores. The exploration work is conducted in the vicinity of existing mines, in order to increase their lifespan, and in new areas in order to expand our mine portfolio with new deposits.

Mining it

Zinc-, copper-, lead-, gold- and silver-bearing ores are mined in Boliden’s four mining areas. The ore is processed to produce metal concentrate, the majority of which is delivered to smelters within the Group.

Smelting it

Boliden’s five smelters refine metal concentrates and other raw materials, such as electronic scrap, metal scrap, metal ashes and scrap car batteries, to produce both pure metals and customised alloys.

Selling it

Our metals and by-products are sold and transported to customers such as steel companies and other manufacturers of semi-finished products. We provide efficient logistic solutions and develop new customer-oriented products and services in close cooperation with our business partners.

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