The aim of the conference is to identify trends with respect to the recovery and use of associated metals.

Conference topics:
– European raw materials policy
– characteristics of metals in ores and concentrates (As, Co, Ni, Pb, Re, Bi, Sb, Se, Te, Cd, precious metals, etc.),
– the behavior of the metals in the metallurgical processes and hydrometallurgical processing of concentrates of base metals,
– metallurgy and the use of associated metals
– metals as impurities associated base metals – removal methods and refining,
– new compounds and alloys accompanying
– recycling of associated metals, including metals critical
– economics of recovery of associated metals,
– environmental problems in the recovery of associated metals,
– refractory metals – production and use.

The conference will be held the third seminar on the production and application of rhenium and its compounds.

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