The X-Mine project supports smart mineral exploration, more efficient resource characterisation and estimation,
and better designed ore extraction in existing mining operations. The project is about to implement large-scale
demonstrators of novel sensing technologies improving the efficiency and sustainability of mining operations based
on X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), X-Ray Transmission (XRT) technologies, 3D vision and their integration with mineral
sorting equipment and mine planning software systems.

The drill core scanner and the mineral sorter demonstrators are to be deployed and tested at four mining sites across Europe. First out is Lovisagruvan where pilots are currently being carried out. On behalf of the project we would like to invite you to learn more about the project results and the benefits of adopting novel sensing technologies on-site whilstat work in an operating mine environment.

Download the invitation here. Please register to the event before the 30th January 2020.

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