The Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (IMN) is a leading scientific centre of Polish non-ferrous industry. Complex activities cover all stages of metallic materials production: from ore treatment to technologies for production of modern products meeting all environmental standards. Many of the developed solutions became implemented in small and medium enterprises, not only in non-ferrous industry, but also in other branches. The services provided cover: R&D targeted for development of new technologies, optimisation of industrial processes, modernisation of production lines, construction of equipment, measurement and analytical services. The IMN is equipped with modern test and measurement instruments and possesses laboratories for carrying out particular studies into e.g. leaching processes, phase separation, treatment of solutions, enrichment processes, synthesis, chemical analyses, etc. The IMN specialists have a great experience in participation in the national and international – EU projects, e.g. BIOMINE, PROMINE, NANOMINING.

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