From 27-29 May 2024, the “Raw Materials Management + Rail-bound Mobility and its Challenges Beyond 2030” conference will take place in Styria, Austria. This is an annual event within the “Mining Meets Railway Technology” initiative organised by GKZ Freiberg e.V. and Rail.S e.V.

Mining and railway technology are closely intertwined. The European partnership in research and innovation “Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking” aims to modernise the railway system and make it more sustainable to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Raw materials are crucial as they are the main source for the construction of rail networks, and for the development of metallurgical techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of these activities.

The first part of the conference will be the industry excursion to the factory of rail producers in association with the HORIZON Europe Project LEADER 2030.

The second part of the conference is theoretical sessions on various topics. Overall, the lectures will be dedicated to securing raw materials and supply chains in the EU, progress in conceptual and sustainable tunnel construction, the importance of metallurgy as the key to a circular economy, and the decarbonisation of steel production. Check out the agenda for more information.

To register, click here. (Note that the deadline for registration is May 20).