A world leader in refractories
RHI AG is a world market and technology leader in high-grade ceramic refractory materials. A global player with Austrian roots, RHI employs roughly 8,000 people worldwide at 32 production sites in Europe, North and South America, India and China and is represented by over 70 sales and service sites in four continents. The company’s headquarters is located in Vienna, Austria. RHI reported revenues of EUR 1,721.2 million in 2014.The RHI share is listed at the Vienna Stock Exchange in the leading index (ATX).

80 percent self-produced raw materials
RHI produces roughly 2 million tonnes of refractory products annually: refractory bricks, mixes, mortars and functional products. Roughly 80 percent of the required raw materials (magnesia and dolomite) come from the group’s seven raw material sites, where they are mined in underground or surface mining or extracted from seawater and processed on site.

Refractory applications: key industries steel, cement, lime, glass
Refractory materials are used in the steel, cement and lime industries, in the production of glass and nonferrous metals (e.g. copper or aluminium), in environmental and energy technology as well as in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Refractories are indispensable to all industrial processes involving high temperatures in excess of 1,200°C. As refractory linings RHI products ensure that a wide range of aggregates (e.g. steel converters, steel ladles, cement rotary kilns, glass tanks) resist extreme thermal, mechanical and chemical stress.

Only global generalist: tailor-made products and system solutions
RHI consistently pursues the goal of offering its more than 10,000 customers refractory system solutions at the best price-performance ratio. With tailor-made products and individual recipes, RHI enables its customers to improve the value added in their production processes. RHI is the only global refractories supplier to offer products for all aggregates of the basic industry. The RHI umbrella brand combines a series of traditional brands that have been established in the market for many years, including Didier, Veitscher, Radex, Dolomite Franchi, Interstop and Monofrax. RHI constantly deploys a large number of refractory specialists on site with customers in order to develop individual complete solutions – comprising the product, top engineering and special machinery for efficient application – in cooperation with the customer.

Technology leadership through comprehensive R&D activities
RHI’s technology leadership is based on long-standing, successful research and development activities, which are concentrated at the global technology centre in Leoben, Austria. A team of some 160 international experts permanently develops new refractory innovations in cooperation with RHI’s Steel, Industrial and Raw Materials Divisions as well as internationally renowned universities and research institutes and key customers. More than one percent of revenues are invested in research and development each year.

More than 180 years of tradition
With a tradition of more than 180 years – the company’s roots go back to the 19th century – RHI combines tradition and innovative technologies with top quality standards.

Facts and figures

  • 8,016 employees
  • 160 experts in R&D
  • 32 production and raw material sites in Europe, North and South America and Asia
  • More than 70 sales and service sites in four continents
  • Development and production of roughly 2 million tonnes of refractory products per year
  • Mining and processing of roughly 1.4 million tonnes of magnesite and dolomite from own resources
  • RHI invests more than 1% of revenues in R&D
  • More than 10,000 customers in 180 countries
  • Roughly 100,000 customer orders per year
  • More than 180 years of refractory tradition

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