The Conference on Raw Materials Security in Europe took place on September 12th in Prague, Czech Republic, with a focus on prospecting, extraction, and processing of minerals; raw material security in Europe; and modern trends in the sector.

The keynote speech was given by the European Commission Vice President, Maroš Šefčovič, who explored various topics related to raw materials in Europe.

Some key messages included in the speech by Vice President, Maroš Šefčovič:

” The Versailles Declaration adopted by EU leaders in March and the European Parliament’s resolution adopted last November have together created the momentum for us to step up to the plate and set the bar high. As part of the RePowerEU plan put forward in May, we are preparing a legislative proposal on critical raw materials. It will build on the positive initiatives made by the Commission in cooperation with Member States and industry, namely the Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials from 2020, and the European Raw Materials Alliance, modelled on our Battery Alliance.”


” Finally, there is a need for a new social contract around critical raw materials. We must better explain to our public their indispensable role in achieving our climate change goals and digital economy aspirations. There is no one better placed than the European Union to ensure that raw materials are sourced and processed under the highest sustainable standards.”

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