The annual Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) is the premier event of the world’s mineral exploration and mining industry. PDAC focuses on driving a sustainable, competitive and responsible exploration and mining sector, bringing together mining executives, geologists, government officials, investors, analysts, and students from around the globe. The 90th PDAC took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from June 13th-15th, followed up by an online convention from June 28th-29th. The 17,000 attendees, 1,100 exhibitors and 2,400 investors took part in events, exhibits, and conference programming.

ETP SMR at the PDAC 2022: The ETP SMR was presented and promoted at the EuroGeoSurveys stand within the European Commission’s booth. The European Commission booth also hosted other initiatives and representatives such as the European Raw Materials Alliance and EIT Raw Materials, EU-funded projects and EU Member States initiatives. Throughout the PDAC Convention, EGS promoted the ETP SMR objectives and its Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda goals, noting the need for continued cross-sectoral collaboration on key EU raw materials research needs.

Background Message from European Union: The need for, and diversification of, non-energy raw materials is increasing due to the move to a carbon neutral and digital economy. This has stimulated growth in raw materials used in the EU’s manufacturing industry. To achieve a secure, sustainable, responsible, and affordable supply, the EU is taking actions under the Raw Materials Initiative (RMI), the European Green Deal and RePowerEU.

This year at PDAC, the EU focused on key issues such as sustainable global mining, promotion of the EU’s advancing exploration and mining techniques, EU investment opportunities in the mining and associated sectors, opportunities for research in the EU and securing EU sustainable raw material supply chains for the industry.

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