The EU-Latin America Partnership on Raw Materials project is hosting a yearly webinar series for MDNP members*. Each year, the webinars will address a diverse range of topics that are key to fostering responsible and sustainable non-energy extractive industries in both regions.

The webinars will bring together experts from the EU and Latin America to share their analyses and best practices on the topics. Thus, MDNP members will gain insights into the work being done in both regions on driving responsible mining and building sustainable and resilient mineral raw materials value chains.

All webinars will be translated simultaneously and offer English, Spanish and Portuguese audio channels. All webinars are free of charge.

Upcoming webinar
Management of Mining Environmental Liabilities
Mining Environmental Liabilities (MEL) if not properly managed, may produce an impact on the health and safety of people and the environment. In this webinar, experts will discuss management processes for MEL, addressing approaches on how to map, assess, reprocess and remediate MEL in order to achieve a sustainable mining respectful with the environment and the socio-economic development of local communities.

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