Ocean Week 2021 is a digital conference scheduled to take place from May 3-5, engaging researchers and innovators on the goals of the Ocean Decade in NTNU, Trondheim and Norway.

Ocean Week is the annual conference hosted by NTNU Oceans, one of NTNU’s four strategic research areas, and the conference is a vital part in NTNU’s work to contribute to Norway’s role as an ocean nation. As the signature event of NTNU Oceans, the purpose of Ocean Week is to lay foundations for groundbreaking interdisciplinary ocean research.

Our Oceans are a crucial part of life on this Earth. The waters connect us all across boundaries and ecosystems. Yet they are rapidly changing, and ocean science must keep up in order to deal with the complex challenges ahead. For Ocean Week 2021, we examine the global movement of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development through a national perspective, and ask the question: “How can NTNU, Trondheim, and Norway contribute to achieving the UN goals for sustainable oceans?” To help answer this, we gather researchers, scientists and innovators from NTNU, Sintef and other partners within Norway.

Ocean Week will engage participants with presentations and discussions that aim to inform and to inspire. We invite researchers, policymakers and engaged citizens to take part in shaping ‘the science we need for the Ocean we want.

Day 1: Defining the Ocean Decade – What are the goals, why is it important and how will we contribute
Day 2: Accelerating Blue Innovation for Sustainability – In the Trondheim Fjord and Beyond
Day 3: Ocean Research for the Decade – What is on the Horizon in EU and Norway?

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