Recycling of Non-Ferrous Metals

The organizers of the conference would like to invite you to take part in the international conference on non-ferrous metals
The conference subjects will cover complex recycling of all non-ferrous metals, especially Cu, Zn, Pb, light metals, precious,
critical and other metals which are contained in scrap, secondary and waste materials, by-products, waste water etc.
The conference is intended to be a forum for exchange of experience, establishing of new commercial contacts and acquiring
knowledge on the most modern achievements of Polish and foreign companies.

The conference will cover in its scope the following subjects:
• Separation and preparation for treatment of secondary materials, wastes, scrap and others
• Circulation economy
• Processing by pyro-hydrometallurgical methods
• Machines and equipment for recycling processes
• Environmental protection
• Energy in processes, heat recovery
• Recycling organization and economy

More information available here

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