The event brings the opportunity to share new knowledge and showcase the new exploration technologies that have been developed by the Horizon 2020, New Exploration Technologies (NEXT) project.

A first session will bring pitch-style presentations on new insights in how mineral deposits are formed, advances in mineral predictive mapping as well as a new generation of drones equipped with a novel electromagnetic survey system, which was picked up by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar. Furthermore, a new on-line mapping tool will be presented, which is intended to efficiently explore potential synergies, optimize your clustering and strategy thinking, as the tool has been implemented directly on the Cordis repository which provides information on all EU-supported R&D activities, including H2020, FP7 and earlier programmes, individual projects, results and publications.

A second session will then focus on the Social License to Explore (SLE) in which the outcomes will be shared of surveys and interviews conducted in case studies in both Finland and Sweden with a view to better understand the factors affecting local attitudes to SLE. The Social License to Operate (SLO) Guidelines for Europe and its accompanying Toolbox produced by the Horizon 2020 Mining and metallurgy regions of EU (MIREU) project will also be presented. These insights are at the basis of the development of the NEXT Toolkit which has been designed to complement the MIREU SLO Toolbox and includes a wide range of material which are particularly useful to exploration companies.

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