Acknowledging the partial lack of knowledge and the restrictions imposed by the limitations of the locally available mineral deposits in Europe it supports the whole sector in striving for the economic and responsible utilization of Europe’s mineral resources in order to support the EU economy in its Agenda 2020 growth objectives.

It  supports through research and innovation

  • the purposeful and responsible exploration, exploitation and use of mineral primary and secondary raw materials under technically and economically viable conditions;
  • resource and energy efficiency under technically and economically viable conditions ;
  • the highest possible reduction of CO2 emissions within the framework of state-of-the art technology and their economic viability and giving due consideration to their social, economic and ecological impacts;
  • the effective protection of life and health of people, in particular of their employees, through prevention of accidents and work related diseases, through the effective protection of their communities, the environment and nature as well as the protection of the mineral deposits, taking into account other land use plans.

The ETP SMR full heartedly supports the European Commission in its efforts in the context of the European Innovation Partnership and with this document would like to outline the contribution research and innovation the ETP SMR members can provide to its agenda.

Technological research and education will be a core element of the overall innovation agenda that by 2020 will have extended Europe’s raw materials supply, its knowledge and competence and industrial growth and leadership.

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