The National Technology Platform for Research, Development and Innovation of Raw Materials (NTPVVIS) was established by the General Assembly on November 6, 2014, based on the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport issued by the Acceptance Sheet. The NTPVVIS brings together industry, science and research institutions and interest organizations in the Slovakian raw materials industry, from geological exploration and raw material extraction through processing, metallurgy to recycling and substitution.

The mission of the NTPVVIS is through the integration, mobilization and coordination of R & D and innovation capacities in Slovakia and through its membership of the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Raw Materials in the EU to efficiently deliver comprehensive R & D and innovation services to the needs of the Raw Materials industry, thereby contributing to its long-term development and profitability for the sustainable provision of raw materials for the needs of the development of the Slovak Republic and the EU.

The NTPVVIS within its activities focuses on the R & D and innovation activities in the field of raw material extraction and treatment. It fully assures the needs and demands of research, development and innovation through the integration and development of R & D capacities and their efficient use in solving current business practice problems, improving the education process and supporting and developing innovative entrepreneurship by transferring research, development and innovation results into practice. In this context, the association promotes the exchange of information between its members and members of similar European and other international associations, the creation of solving consortia and partnerships for the implementation of national and European research projects; the organization and participation of its members at scientific and technical conferences and seminars.

As an official partner, the Association provides an expert service for the needs of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Economy of the SR in the field of raw materials extraction and treatment and the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic. The main activity of NTPVVIS in this respect is the preparation of strategic documents, namely the new State Raw Material Policy and the Long-term Research, Development and Innovation Program for the Raw Materials Sector.


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