Eurometaux, the European non-ferrous metals association, is composed of a wide network of companies producing, transforming and recycling non-ferrous metals in Europe. Our members also include national federations, and European and International commodity associations. Eurometaux’s objective is to enable the entire value chain of the non-ferrous metals industry to prosper in the EU and contribute towards more sustainable societies.

The non-ferrous metals industry has an annual turnover of over €120bn, with over 47m tonnes of annual production. Metals enable European innovation by providing a wide range of other industries with essential materials to invest in research and development. The industry employs more than 500,000 people directly, and another 3,000,000 indirectly.

The non-ferrous metals industry, especially in Europe, has made continuous progress in reducing its environmental impact, and in improving its resource- and energy-efficiency. Overall, the metals industry in Europe outperforms most other regions in the world, and will continue to operate with the highest standards.



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