Cobre Las Cruces, S.A. (CLC) operates a copper mining complex with an open pit mine and hydrometallurgical process plant. Although the production phase started in June 2009, the project itself began in 1992 when exploration started. The project site straddles the municipalities of Gerena, Guillena and Salteras in the province of Seville, in southern Spain, and occupies 946 hectares including both the mine pit and the process plant. The local town of La Algaba also shares land with CLC for the purpose of water supply pipelines.

The expected annual production averages 72,000 tonnes of copper, equivalent to 25% of Spanish internal demand. The total for the entire 15-year operating period is estimated at 1 million tonnes of copper. The mining-hydrometallurgical complex is the only copper producer in Spanish since national demand is currently met with imported copper. Spain is the fourth largest consumer of copper in the European Union and ranks 14th in the world.

Cobre Las Cruces, S.A. is wholly owned by First Quantum Minerals Ltd., a Canadian metals company focused on copper, nickel, gold, zinc and platinum group metals.

To reach optimum premium copper production in a safe and sustainable way, maximizing return on investment, ensuring the satisfaction of stakeholders.

To be a benchmark standard in mining operations in the 21st century.

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