ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent, previously known as Iberpotash S.A., is the only producer of potassium salts in Spain. It’s dedicated to the extraction, processing and marketing of potassium and sodium salts. Its headquarters is located in Súria (Barcelona) and it has a workforce of 1,200 workers. For over a century, the county of Bages.

For the exploitation of the Catalan Potash Basin, ICL Iberia has the following facilities:

Cabanasses is an underground mine, 900 meters depth, located in the municipality of Súria and has the most advanced technology. Cabanasses represents mining future, based on the richness and quantity of mineral found in the ground and in the technological innovation allowing this plant to have the most leading tools.

Vilafruns is an underground mine, 500 to 600 meters depth, located in the municipalities of Sallent and Balsareny.

ICL Iberia Súria&Sallent  produces annually 1 million tons of potash and 1,5 million tons of salt.


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